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A PC Benchmark
Validation Software

Measure the genuine performance of your system with professional quality.

Why BenchMate?

Reliable Time Measurement


Improves Security

Easy Workflow


Super PI, GPUPI, y-cruncher, pifast, PYPrime, 7-Zip, wPrime
CINEBENCH R11.5 + R15 + R15 EXTREME + R20 + R23

Windows 7 or later, System Requirements&Changelog

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Our Mission

Benchmarking is in a horrible spot right now.

If you have seen a PC benchmark world record, advertized performance numbers or casual benchmark results on the internet, chances are you just saw a single number, a screenshot or at best an uploaded result to a ranking platform like HWBOT, the world’s biggest result platform. You probably have taken the validity of these results for granted. Well, you shouldn't.

Even today many benchmark results have to be entered manually, which is known to be error-prone, inconsistent, time consuming and hard to learn while still being far from trustworthy. Due to undetectable time measurement bugs and easily abusable vulnerabilities of benchmarks, results are very hard to judge and validate simply because there is not enough data available for the task.

Even encrypted submission files provided by a few benchmarks (like our own GPUPI) are sadly flawed by design. The implementation depends heavily on the knowledge and maintenance of the benchmark developer and therefore varies in security, reliability and in the end quality. While automating the upload of results improves the ranking, it still fails to provide an automatically applied and more importantly equal result standard for all benchmarks.

BenchMate is a common result standard.

A well-considered minimum of security and timer reliability applicable to all benchmarks, though much more advanced than anything currently available in this industry. Benchmarks are guarded by a combination of a custom driver, two background services, the BenchMate launcher and client to protect against access with malicious intent as well as unknowingly skewed results.

BenchMate monitors the benchmark’s process closely to enable precise time measurement provided by low-level access to the system’s timer hardware. Every run is measured with up to three independent timers allowing a maximum deviance of only 0.01% and less than 10 milliseconds. We also validate all files and platform parameters for the benchmark and its workloads automatically to avoid tampering of executables, libraries and resource files. The benchmark executable, its executed machine code and the application's logic remains untouched throughout the whole process.

Last but not least BenchMate captures the result automatically before it is displayed by the benchmark and stores it in a secure location. Hence we can provide an easy and unified workflow even for unmaintained legacy benchmarks.

Our primary goal is to regain trust in benchmark results.

This is not only a problem of competitive benchmarking, but concerns advertized results by vendors and PC builders, data shown in reviews and tech videos, as well as randomly posted results around the globe. Shouldn’t they be reliable, comparable, available for analysis and repeatable to be trusted?

BenchMate currently focuses on competitive benchmarking and is specifically working on increasing the quality of results on HWBOT for now. The next steps will integrate more benchmarks, 3D game benchmarks and a custom-made validation platform with lots of data to analyze. Stay tuned!


This software will always be free for the benchmarking community around the globe. Therefore we rely on crowdfunding to be able to pay for ongoing certificate and licensing costs and to allow us to dedicate more time to bugfixes and development of brand-new features. Supporters will get access to all alpha and beta versions!

With your help we can define a future-proof validation standard for benchmarking!