A Benchmark Verification Software.

  • Generic Result Validation
  • Sets a new standard for Timer Reliability
  • Hardens Security
  • Introduces a new Workflow for Benchmarking
  • Integrated HWBOT submission
BenchMate screenshot


BenchMate 0.9.3 (Beta), 04.09.2019, Change Log
Requirements: Windows 7 or later, High Precision Event Timer enabled in BIOS, WMI service enabled, Kernel Debuggging disabled

Big Bundle

Super PI, GPUPI, CINEBENCH R11.5 + R15 + R20, CPU-Z, GPU-Z

Size: 292 MB MD5: FD904923643960DD0FA4536103C5D2F8
Small Bundle


Size: 17 MB MD5: F1E90C60B6C3E30AF7549D16F14065F8

The Mission

Benchmarking is in a horrible spot right now. Even on HWBOT, the world's biggest result database, most results have to be submitted as screenshots and system data is entered manually. Due to undetectable time measurement bugs and easily abusable vulnerabilities of benchmarks, results can not be correctly judged by the inconclusive data available. Additionally, manual submission is error-prone, inconsistent, time consuming and hard to learn while still being far from trustworthy. Although there are better submission methods and online rankings available like 3DMark's Hall of Fame or the Geekbench Browser, they all set their own opaque standards for validation and are only available for their (latest) products.

BenchMate is a unified solution that defines a common standard for all benchmarks. A well-considered minimum of security and timer reliability applicable to all benchmarks, though much more advanced than everything currently available in this industry. Benchmark's are guarded by a combination of a custom driver, two system services and the BenchMate client to protect against access with malicious intent. Furthermore BenchMate injects its own code into the benchmark's process to exchange flawed or vulnerable functionality with reliable alternatives. This is specifically necessary to ensure precise time measurement provided by low-level access to the system's timer hardware. With the same technique BenchMate captures the result before it is sent to the benchmark's user interface and stores it in a secure location. The benchmark executable itself remains untouched throughout the whole process.

Its primary goal is to regain trust in benchmark results. This is not only a problem of competitive benchmarking, but concerns advertised results by vendors, data shown in reviews and randomly posted results around the globe as well. Shouldn’t they be reliable, comparable, available for analysis and repeatable to be trusted?

BenchMate currently focuses on competitive benchmarking and specifically on HWBOT for now. The next steps are to support more benchmarks and build its own platform with lots of data to analyze. Stay tuned!


This software will always be free for the benchmarking community around the globe. Therefore we rely on crowdfunding to be able to pay for ongoing certificate and licensing costs and to allow us to dedicate more time to bugfixes and development of brand-new features.

With your help we can define a future-proof verification standard for benchmarking!